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24 January 2022

The Omron Nami Cat Nebuliser

Blog > Omron Nami Cat Childrens Nebuliser

The Omron Nami Cat mains operated compressor is especially designed to help children engage more easily with their nebuliser therapy.

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Nebulisers for children

When your child has a nasty cough, a troubling wheeze or difficulty breathing, the Omron Nami Cat Nebuliser provides a friendly face that can help them to relax and breathe easier. Its appealing design assists you as a parent to help your child to feel more comfortable and therefore make their therapy less daunting.

Effective and Efficient

However, behind the reassuring face is an efficient Omron compressor which ensures your child receives the effective treatment they need. The durable nebuliser chamber produces a very small particle size with minimal prescribed solution residue, meaning more aerosol is available for your child to inhale, and bringing the benefit of a shorter nebulisation time.

This compact and smooth running unit is supplied with both a baby and child size facemask and is intended for children who suffer from respiratory disorders and require inhalation therapy under the guidance of a qualified respiratory professional.

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Finding the correct advice

Helping your child use a nebuliser might feel a little daunting at first but the Nami Cat nebuliser is simple to use and easy to clean and operate. Your respiratory professional will be able to guide you through the process, advise on the correct medication and if you have any questions about the compressor or its accessories you can email or call us here at Evergreen Nebulisers.