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13 December 2017

Take inspiration from the Philips InnoSpire range

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It takes real courage and confidence to change an already winning formula.


Philips Nebulisers continue to create individual solutions using technology fit for the future and it took real courage and confidence to change something which for many of you had been a firm favourite for many years. Well that's just what Philips did with the Portaneb which has been replaced by the InnoSpire Deluxe with SideStream or SideStream Plus.

Reinventing the wheel

So what possessed Philips to try and reinvent the wheel? Well, the new InnoSpire Deluxe still retains your favourite features such as a smooth running, service free motor, the space to store all your bits and bobs etc. However, now the case is now more compact and lighter than its predecessor, the on/off rocker switch is easier to manage and the mains lead is hard wired, which will be a blessing for those of you who struggled to push it in firmly enough or have a habit of misplacing it. The lift up lid now folds back horizontally when you're nebulising which will avoid it crashing shut half way through your therapy and as the new InnoSpire Deluxe runs beautifully with the SideStream and SideStream Plus chambers, that therapy will be as efficient and as effective as always even slightly quicker. If you’re not sure what a SideStream Plus is then have a read of this blog page.


Their inspiration didn't stop there

Philips recognise that everyone’s therapy regime is individual. The InnoSpire Essence is smaller, more compact but still mains operated. If you only nebulise bronchodilators or saline, once or twice a day, or if you’re looking for a nebuliser to pop by your bed, then this is for you. The compact design of the InnoSpire Essence makes it ideal for where space is tight.


And what about when you're out and about?

Ensuring you receive a safe, effective nebuliser therapy has always been priority for Philips Nebulisers but helping you maintain your lifestyle is important too. In order to help you do just that they have produced two portable nebulisers. The InnoSpire Mini and the InnoSpire Go.

The InnoSpire Mini is made to be extremely versatile and will operate from any mains supply worldwide. You can simply add a travel plug when abroad. It comes with a rechargeable lithium battery which can provide you with up to 90 minutes use before recharging is necessary and a 12v lead so you can nebulise in your car. Suitable, not just for bronchodilators but steroids and antibiotics too. It’s proving especially popular with those of you who nebulise complex therapy regimes or have to nebulise a little more often than others.

Innominiblog Goblog

The InnoSpire Go is small, portable, easy-to-use and virtually silent. The InnoSpire Go uses clinically proven vibrating mesh technology, to shorten your therapy times giving you more opportunity to appreciate your own time. Its sleek and innovative design allows you to complete your therapy in three simple steps and the rechargeable built in battery provides up to 30 treatments between each charge. Its virtually silent operation makes it so discreet you can nebulise anywhere. Perfect for bronchodilators and saline.

Using a nebuliser shouldn’t be complicated. The InnoSpire range is designed to offer you confident and versatile solutions, enabling you to enjoy life despite needing a nebuliser. The watchword from Philips is “together we’ll make life better” and if we can help you in anyway then just give us a call.