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15 October 2021

Omron NE-U780 is finally back in stock

The Omron NE-U780 is designed for use in a medical facility, such as hospital, clinic, or doctor's office and is only occasionally used at home under the strict guidance of a medical expert.

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How it works

Energy from ultrasonic vibration is transferred to the water from the vibrator at the bottom of the removable water tank. Then, the energy from the ultrasonic vibration is transferred to the medication in the medication cup via the water. The medication in the medication cup is dispersed by means of the ultrasonic vibrations and a fan which blows a stream of air containing atomised medication. This process is known as nebulisation.

Features of the Omron NE-U780 include

  • Its smooth shape and air pathways which can be easily cleaned and disinfected.
  • Autoclave-safe attachments, such as the medication cup cover, inhalation hose, mouthpiece, and inhalation mask (optional) which can be disinfected using either an autoclave or a sterilising liquid.
  • A large, easy-to-see LCD display that lets you identify timer, air-flow volume, and nebulisation volume settings at a glance - The backlight ensures the display is visible in dark locations, too.
  • An audible alarm which warns you when an error has occurred or when the set time has elapsed.
  • Adjustable air flow volume which can vary the amount of air that is flowing into the medication cup cover.
  • Adjustable nebulisation volume which can adjust the amount of aerosol available.
  • The Omron NE-U780 can be set for timed or continuous nebulisation.
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Optional extras are available such as

  • A bacterial filter which can be used to generate air from which bacteria has been removed.
  • It can also be used as a humidifier when connected to an oxygen supply.
  • Or a long time nebulisation set is available for medication volumes in excess of 150 ml.
  • Two sizes of inhalation mask.

More details

To view more detail the full user manual is available here: U780 User Manual

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